Friday, June 29, 2012

Olympic Trials: 1500m Semifinals

While many of us were scratching our heads wondering why they would make a field of just 30 run three heats of the 1500m, it was supposed to mirror the Olympics schedule. Regardless, top 5 moved on in each heat and next two fastest times to Sunday's final.

Women's Heat #1

This was definitely the stacked heat, with 2011 World Champ Jenny Simpson and 2011's fastest runner, Morgan Uceny, toeing the line. Anna Pierce was in the mix, as was Brenda Martinez and NCAA Champ Katie Flood. Simpson didn't look great in the prelim, but looked very strong today and she and Uceny cruised. Uceny controlled the race from the gun and appeared to not have expended too much energy in the win. The first heat was a little quicker than the second, so Treniere Mosier and Brenda Martinez became the only two time qualifiers into the final.

Heat #1 results (

1 Morgan Uceny adidas 4:08.90 Q
2 Jenny Simpson New Balance 4:09.12 Q
3 Margaret Infeld N Y A C 4:09.38 Q
4 Anna Pierce Nike 4:09.51 Q
5 Nicole Schappert N Y A C 4:09.60 Q
6 Treniere Moser Nike 4:10.10 q
7 Brenda Martinez New Balance 4:10.73 q
8 Katie Flood Washington 4:11.38
9 Renee Tomlin Nike 4:11.39
10 Ashley Miller Nebraska 4:11.49
11 Greta Feldman Princeton 4:12.29
12 Karly Hamric RIADHA 4:12.52

Women's Heat #2

On paper it looked like it could be a race, with maybe less of a clear favorite (outside of Shannon Rowbury). Rowbury did notch the victory ahead of Gabriele Anderson, but there were a few notables who fell off the pace and will not be advancing to the finals: Alice Schmidt, who made the team in the 800, Phoebe Wright, who just missed the team in the 800, and crowd favorite, Jordan Hasay.

UPDATED: According to, Gabriele Anderson has been disqualified as a result of some contact in the final lap. Consequently, Alice Schmidt is bumped to the 5th (and final) automatic qualifying spot and will start the final on Sunday. Anderson is expected to protest the disqualification.

1 Shannon Rowbury Nike 4:09.96 Q
2 Katherine Mackey Brooks 4:10.54 Q
3 Sara Vaughn Nike 4:10.57 Q
4 Sarah Bowman New Balance 4:10.65 Q
5 Alice Schmidt Nike 4:10.94 Q
6 Amy Mortimer Saucony 4:12.04
7 Kate Grace Oiselle / New Jersey New York 4:12.92
8 Phoebe Wright Nike 4:13.65
9 Heather Kampf Asics / Team USA Minnesota 4:14.03
10 Jordan Hasay Oregon 4:15.52
11 Melissa Salerno New Balance 4:16.33
DQ Gabriele Anderson Brooks / Team USA Minnesota

Men's Heat #1

3 guys in this heat had the A standard (3:35.50) - David Torrence, Russell Brown, and Andrew Wheating. Wheating has been inconsistent lately and did not run the 800m because he wasn't as confident in his speed for the shorter event. The pace was controlled (see: slow) until the bell, and somehow on the back stretch Wheating was towards the back of the pack. He managed to find some space and smoothly ran past most of the field, pumping his fist when he realized he would move onto the finals. Of course the big casualty was Russell Brown, who just looked out of it from the start and finished DFL.

Heat #1 results (

1 William Leer Nike 3:51.27 Q
2 Andrew Wheating Nike / Oregon TC Elite 3:51.40 Q
3 David Torrence Nike 3:51.43 Q
4 Craig Miller New Balance 3:51.56 Q
5 John Mickowski Unattached 3:51.71 Q
6 Brian Gagnon New Jersey New York Track Club 3:51.86
7 Dorian Ulrey Nike 3:52.15
8 Liam Boylan-Pett New Jersey New York Track Club 3:52.18
9 Jack Bolas New Balance 3:52.47
10 Matthew Maldonado Long Beach State 3:52.95
11 John Jefferson Brooks 3:54.52
12 Russell Brown Nike / Oregon TC Elite 3:58.85

Men's Heat #2

Heat #2 featured the 2011 World Bronze Medalist, Matt Centrowitz; Olympian Leo Manzano; and new threat Robby Andrews. Add to them three of the finalists at NCAA Championships, including the winner, Andy Bayer (who had a terrible run in the first round), and it was a tough heat. With a sub 60 second opening lap the pack was again not interested in gunning for the A standard. Just like he did in the NCAA meet, German Fernandez sat on the front for 2 laps before the rest of the field took up the pace. Meanwhile, Andrews was sitting on the back in last before trying to start to move up with 400m to go. Centrowitz looked pretty smooth as he ran in lane 2, and moved up to the lead with 300m to go. Manzano was running tiny stride for stride and the two began to accelerated with 200 left. Andrews pushed his way through to make sure he finished in the top 5, but it was Centrowitz and Manzano who finished 1-2 at 3:41.90 - 10 seconds faster than the first heat.

Heat #2 Results

1 Matthew Centrowitz Nike 3:41.90 Q
2 Leonel Manzano Nike 3:41.90 Q
3 Robby Andrews adidas 3:42.14 Q
4 Jeff See Saucony 3:42.16 Q
5 Miles Batty Asics 3:42.33 Q
6 Andrew Bayer Indiana University 3:42.56 q
7 Jordan McNamara Nike / Oregon TC Elite 3:42.77 q
8 Daniel Clark Unattached 3:42.85
9 Garrett Heath Saucony 3:42.95
10 AJ Acosta Oregon 3:43.73
11 German Fernandez Unattached 3:43.78
12 Stephen Pifer Nike / Oregon TC Elite 3:44.59

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