Friday, May 25, 2012

Fast 5k races

I know it might be a little late, but I thought I'd get the word out that I'm trying to run some fast 5ks on the next three Sundays. First MCVET, then the Bel Air Town Run, and finally Damien's Run in Columbia. All have cash for the winners and perennially have at least a couple of people running fast times, but since even these races could be hit-or-miss up front, I thought it might be helpful for me and others (Falls Road, GRC, Striders, anyone) to get the word out. So, if you want to try to run anywhere near 15:00, then go to one of these races and be guaranteed (barring injury) that there will be at least one other dude to run with you at a non-erratic pace. I hate racing alone (until the final half mile), so the more, the merrier.

Also, I know there has been talk of organizing a fast race in early/mid July, which would be sweet. Now that I am getting back into shape, I am definitely interested in anything of a fast nature at 10k or shorter in June or July. I won't be around for the Rockville 8k, but any other suggestions are very welcome.

I'm looking forward to being on some starting lines again, wearing my serious race face.

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Brian Godsey said...

Psyche. I'm injured again. Apologies.