Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Time Has Come


If you're registered, you should have all received the email containing the instructions. But, just in case you forgot them, here they are:

1. Packet pick-up is between 4:30 and 6:30pm. If you are NOT able to make it there by 6:30, please send me an email or text and we will grab it for you.

2. Race start is at 7:00pm. The start is a mile away from packet pick-up, and it's all uphill, so plan accordingly.

3. The race is chip-timed, so you must wear your chip on your shoe.

4. A few of us will be leaving from the Falls Road store at 5pm. Keep in mind the traffic on 83, and plan your route accordingly. If you are coming from anywhere south of the city, or even from the city, I would suggest taking the beltway around to 795. If you're coming up to the store, Light Rail to Mt. Wash may be your best bet.

WEATHER considerations: it looks like rain is in the forecast for the majority of the day. The temperature should be perfect, but this means potentially wet roads. Slick shoes + downhill mile = recipe for disaster, so plan your footwear appropriately.

Following the race, a few people are going over to McDaniel's track to continue their workout. Let's all make sure we get, and eat, our ice cream sandwiches first, and then cool down. After the cool down, it will be dinner time for those who wish to do so. Greg Jubb's suggestion was an Irish pub on Main St named McLoughlin McGrath Seamus O'Toole's or something. Whatever we can do to avoid The Greene Turtle is fine by me!

MSM 2011 winner, Ed Aramayo


RM said...

In case you forgot:

2011 men's winner - Ed Aramayo (4:05)

2011 women's winner - Diane Heiser (4:40)

Event records - 3:54.6 (Todd Ashley, 1988); 4:32.9 (Maria Pazarentzos, 1987)

Brian Godsey said...

In case yo haven't seen them yet, results are here: