Monday, March 5, 2012

Shamrock 5k Pickup

I'm sure all of you have seen the communication from the people that put on the Shamrock 5k informing you that there will be NO race day packet pickup.  Instead you must plan to pick up your packet from one of their five locations.  They mentioned which days each location will host a pickup, but presumably the most convenient for the majority of us is Friday's pickup at their new spot in McHenry Row. 

If you are unable to pick up your own packet, you can have someone else pick it up for you by providing a letter indicating that person is picking it up.

GRC folks who are racing: I will be picking up Klim's and Andy's stuff, so if you all just send me an email ( stating that I, Ryan McGrath, will be picking your stuff up (and include your name), I will get it to you on race day.

Lazy Baltimore folks: Since the new location is more convenient, I will pick yours up if you absolutely need it, but it will be up to you from there to arrange to get it from me.  You can also get it from their Timonium location on Saturday.

The race is at 1:15pm on Sunday.  Remember, clocks go forward this weekend. 


the kris said...

can you pick me up and carry me to the race?

RM said...

Kris, since you were there for Jesus, when he needed a piggyback ride across the sand, and you told him that it was your footprints, not his, that he saw, I will do it for you. Paying it forward.