Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sunday Long Run

Sunday:  18 to 20 miles

Easy run, pace in the low 8min to high 7min and gradually progress to nothing faster than 7:00/mile.  Avg around 7:30/mi.

Starting at 7am or (church around 10am-1pm) not until 1:30-ish.  Right now I'm leaning toward the 1:30-ish start timeframe.

Begin and end at my apt downtown (Charles @ Saratoga St), but can run to/from wherever others may be to get required mileage. 

Let me know if you have any interest is jumping in for any or all of the run.  Post here, or email


alyssa said...

If you are doing the 7am start time, keep me in the loop. I'd like to link up for the faster part!

scotty doesn't know said...

7am! me like!

would prefer some softer-surface stuff tho - patapsco is my one-seed as gun rd has been calling my name

would be willing to drive up to ncr or lach raven for an early start tho - any takers?

Dart said...

Alyssa I'll keep you posted.

Tom - I've avoided trails since I rolled my ankles around Thanksgiving - left ankle is still beat up. Patapsco is probably gonna be real muddy after the rain in the next few days? NCR could work, but that's quite a drive for you. I don't know anything about Lack Raven?

RM said...

FYI: it's LOCH Raven.


Also we will need to arrange a long run down in Tom's neck of the woods sometime soon to balance things out. Tom is always posting his long runs and making himself available to drive really far to come up here to run, to get very little love. So we'll either do Greenbelt or Seneca sometime in the near future. OR Tom I don't know if you ever went there, but there was some place we went to in college, Patuxent something or other. I think it kind of sucked though, can't remember.

c-rad said...

We should run the Cabin John Park trail sometime. It starts in the Rockville area and runs all the way to the Potomac River on trails.

scotty doesn't know said...

update on my plans: since patapsco will likely be a bit washed-out still - i'm staying near my house and will be running with CHICKEN FINGERS on the towpath early sunday

if you happen to go out in DC sat night and wanna get a run in when you wake up, holler

scotty doesn't know said...

7am start from lock 7 washington dc...the nuggetman and I...holler if you want in.