Thursday, January 5, 2012

SUNDAY long run

ah - two long run posts! no excuses for people not to make it to one of these! :)

patapsco - sunday morning - time slightly negotiable, but i'd rather just get out and do it earlier - 8:00, 8:30, 9:00am?

Editor's note: Dustin is unable to do a long run this weekend due to work obligation, and Nate is unsure if he's going to do a long run.  And as I am out for the weekend, I promote Tom's long run at Patapsco.  Tom, et al., use comments to determine final time, and for those thinking about attending, let Tom know you're going so he knows whether to expect you before he drives 45 minutes up here to come meet nobody to run. 

Also, a 2012 challenge: GUN RD.  If you run Gun Rd on any Patapsco run, send me your Gun Rd time and I'll keep it in a spreadsheet.  We can have a challenge for who runs it the fastest (during an actual run) and who runs it the most.  Remember, official timing is from the manhole cover just beyond the train tracks, and the manhole cover near the stop sign at the end of the road.  Honor system.


scotty doesn't know said...

ok - there are options -
conrad and i are meeting at 8:25 to be runnin by 8:30 for a few miles before...
ed and brennan come down at 9am to run ~10miles

holler if you want in on any part :)

Daniel said...

Quite last minute on my part, but I would be game for that 8:30 start. Where around Patapsco do you meet...across from the park&ride (my random guess)?

scotty doesn't know said...

sweet! yeah, on rolling rd just across from the park and ride - my cell is 3019380285 if you have any problems finding us - see you then

Gabriel Rodriguez said...

Baseline for Gun Rd, per the challenge - 6:16 today, but let me put it in context, middle of a 2h30' run following a 15:43 for 5K the day before. At least the bar has been set. I feel it's decently low. Good luck.