Monday, January 30, 2012

Project 2012

By now you have probably read the email, but as we are now a month out from Club Challenge, we have unveiled a new mission: Project 2012.

Project 2012 represents the goal for our team, which is to put at least 20 men under 60 minutes, and 12 women under 70 minutes.  The team we have assembled appears to be the most talented we've ever fielded, and perhaps one of the strongest in Club Challenge history.  However, the nature of Club Challenge is to never assume, and results are never given, but rather earned, on the streets of Columbia.

Looking back in the record books, you will see that only once in the history of Falls Road Running competing in the event has it put all of its male scoring members under an hour (2010).  It is no coincidence that the team placed first among the male teams.  The Howard County Striders are more than prepared to protect their turf, and I expect they will have a formidable team ready to go on February 26th. 

For the women, I erroneously stated the only 4 count - instead, 6 women comprise a scoring team.  This makes our task no easier, as there is less margin for error.  One "off" day can mean the race, especially when the teams of Westminster RRC, Montgomery County, and the Striders, will all be gunning for us.  Our women have a target on their back, and it will take a number of PR performances to capture the title again.

It is no secret that this race is very important to our group, and that our goal each year is to win it.  And each year, the race gets faster and deeper.  It is the most competitive race of its distance, pound for pound, in the area.  By now, most of us have raced it at least once, but there will be a number of CC virgins competing this year.  The important thing to remember is that every runner counts.  In this cross-country style scored event, low score wins.  Every runner you can push back from an opposing team is less points in their pocket, even if you're not one of the scorers for our team. 

Our team is about as full as its going to get, I don't see too many names missing from the list, and based on who we have, the goal of Project 2012 appears to be something we can achieve, but far from easy.  We will need some women to step up big, as well as some men who have not historically run fast there. 

For those of you who feel that you are "too slow" and that you will hurt the team, that is absolutely FALSE!  You cannot hurt the team, believe me, I do the hypothetical scoring scenarios for this race well in advance.  It is, however, a great team event and a chance for you to bond with your other teammates over the challenging hills of the Columbia neighborhoods.  Besides, you never know what you're capable of until you get out there and do it. 


And now, a quick review of the races from over the weekend.  Chris Snyder and Tim Burns each doubled in the Mile/800m at the Bucknell Bison Open Meet.  Chris ran 4:29.96 and 2:01.28, while Tim ran 4:39.04 and 2:06.81.  At the Hagerstown Community College Invite, Alex Battaglino, fresh off a birthday, ran a 4:35.88 mile to finish 3rd.  And while we took a year off from the craziness of the Miami Marathon weekend, Emily Boss ran a 1:48:56 in the half.  We hope you enjoyed the trip, Emily!

While these performances were all perfectly fine, I had to stray from the beaten path a bit for this week's Purple Drink Athlete of the Week.  The lowly Towson Tigers Men's Basketball team had lost 41 straight games - an NCAA D-I record - that is, until Saturday.  They were victorious by I think one basket, and snapped their supreme losing skid.  All it takes is one, fellas.  Great job, Towson, you are our PDAW for this week!

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