Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Your Mom Reads the Blog

And I'm not even kidding. 

What a GREAT showing of Winter Track Warriors last night, although, with mild weather conditions, it really wasn't too bad.  Too people, Cheese and RM, even went shirtless.  Many, many wet butts though.

This little post will contain a few tidbits of information.  First and foremost, by virtue of racing on Christmas Day, notching a win, and setting a Course Record at the Biggest Christmas Day 5k in the US, Ed Aramayo was our Purple Drink Athlete of the Week.  Ed won the Joyful 5k (untimed) in Minnesota in 16:30.  The race could potentially be the only race run on Christmas Day anywhere.  I guess you could say Ed was really "Joyful and Triumphant" - get it?  That's a little O Come All Ye Faithful humor for you.

But the fun part of the day was watching the tweets come in with the hashtag #TWSSChristmas.  It was a great way to keep us all connected over the weekend and see where everyone was, and what they were doing.  As mentioned in the email, THIS week's PDAW is going to be awarded to the popular vote winner for the photo submission contest.  The voting will be open until Saturday, and it will be the last PDAW of 2011.  January 1 races will count towards the first full week of 2012. 

Of course, I have received no votes yet, so I may have to take my 4 or 5 favorites and put them in a poll and see if that works better for voting.  Otherwise I'll just have to do it myself.  Sigh.

There will be a New Year's Day "Hangover" Run, this Sunday starting from Gilman.  We have tentatively awarded a start time of 11am, so unless there is a compelling reason to adjust that time, we will stick to it with probably a 90 minute run (with optional 2 hour as Dusty/myself are going 2).  This will enable anyone who watches NFL to get back in time for games.  Apres run we will likely patronize a food establishment of some kind. 

We haven't finalized plans for NYE Run, but will likely start in the more downishtown vicinity, afternoon, maybe an hour run or so.  Chill.

Here is the link to the TWSS Christmas Photo Album, cast your votes!

TWSS Christmas 2011


Christy said...

1st- A Packers family Christmas (because the whole fam participated)

2nd- Ed's puppy

3rd- Ryan or Zero, I can't decide. You both look ridiculous.

c-rad said...

1st - Joel's slideshow guide to preventing frostbitten legs. Photo #1 - stand next to people wearing pants. Photo #2 - hold pants in your hands. Photo #3 - when #1 and #2 fail, try fire and beer.

2nd - Alyssa's new bike helmet. Respect the ride.

3rd - Christa chilling with St. Thomas. Respect the tide.

Dart said...

1 - Christa because she didn't take me with her and maybe at least she can bring home a PDAW

2 - Ed's dog

3 - Meg McNew's Shaddow

///MM said...

BTW- I wasn't about to open presents (that entailed madras PJ's and my reindeer slippers), I was dressed for Christmas dinner at my Aunt's house.

Meg said...

1. RM
2. Zero
3. Christa

(because grown men dressed like little boys are just slightly more entertaining than a beautiful island resort)