Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Light Run

Tomorrow we will be hosting our annual Christmas Light Run.  The plan is to leave from the Babe Ruth statue at Camden Yards at 5:30 and run up Charles Street.  Once we circle the Monument we will continue North (picking up Chrissie along the way) and work our way to Falls Rd. and head into Hamden to see the 34th St. lights.  From there we'll work our way back and may even stop for a light show in the harbor.  Round trip will be around 8ish miles...could be more, could be less - and you can join us along the way if you make arrangements.

The pace will be chill.  Carols will be sung.  Good times will be had.  Let me/us know if we should be expecting you.

Merry Christmas.


Big Pappa said...

Should I bring my Christmas Balls?

RM said...

You coming J? Or you resting up for Saturday's monster comeback? CHARLESTON 2011

Big Pappa said...

Saturday is going to be crazy. First race in 2 1/2 years, T be back in town, Alli is joining me for the run. Might be the greatest day ever on this earf. I might even shed a tear as I cross the line.

RM said...

This is clearly a big day, bigger than BIG even.