Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Page 6: NYC Marathon Edition

In case you were wondering how some of your favorite celebs performed on Sunday at the Marathon, you will ONLY be able to find it here!  Consider this post the US Weekly version of Runner's World.

Lt. Andy Baldwin - 3:17:30.  The Navy doc/Ironman Triathlete/ABC's The Bachelor is no stranger to marathons, and while I'm pretty sure this is not a PR (I think 3:06 from the California International Marathon a couple of years ago is), this is a solid time at NYC.  Due to a Brennan-like timing chip malfunction, we have no splits, but this is the official time he was given.  For now, we'll overlook the fact that he went to Duke, as he ran himself into the Top Celebrity position.

Ryan Sutter - 3:17:58.  I have no business watching ABC's The Bachelorette, but even I know that Ryan won Trista Rehn's heart, and the pair have been together ever since.  I feel like that was almost a decade ago now.  Another triathlete, Ryan was getting some one-on-one instruction from pro triathlete, Chris Legh.  We expected the battle between the two celeb studs to be close, but inside of 30 seconds is incredible!  He went out in 1:36:37 at the half, so ran a 1:41 back half.  Not too bad.

Apolo Ohno - 3:25:12.  What's most impressive about Ohno's time is that he negative split the race.  He hit the halfway in 1:44, so that's a really great race result.  Who was training him to run that well?  Certainly not the other Subway-sponsored Olympic athlete who isn't a runner...For a second I thought maybe he put on some rollerblades and glided through Central Park.  Also interesting was the Subway commercial within an hour of the race congratulating Ohno on his "under 4 hour" marathon.  Apparently 4 hours is a milestone?

Jennie Finch - 4:05:26.  Finch started dead last, absolutely nobody started behind her.  The goal was to pass as many runners as she could, and for each one she passed, Timex would donate $1 to her charity.  She ended up passing 30,000 people!  She was pretty close to even splitting the race, coming in just under 2:02 for the first half.  And she's pretty hot.

Mark Messier - 4:14:27.  The former New York Ranger captain and HOF hockey player, at 50 years of age, ran a solid race.  Definitely an ambitious first half, clearly looked like he was trying to get under 4 hours.  He could still put you in the boards.

Ethan Zohn - 4:20:46.  This former Survivor/ongoing survivor of cancer/Amazing Race participant was running inspired on Sunday.  He was recently re-diagnosed with cancer, this time in his chest, and certainly everyone hopes he can get through this as well.  Ethan was a former professional soccer player and won the third season of Survivor. 

Christy Turlington - 4:20:47.  I have to say, this could potentially be the most impressive result of the day.  First, she beat A.C. Slater.  Second, Turlington is a former model (well, I suppose when are models ever not models?) so I don't picture her having run much.  And lastly, she is a former smoker.  I know this because I remember the commercials when I was growing up, I think her father had succumbed to lung cancer associated with negative effects of smoking, and she was quitting, too.  This is a great run for her.  2:06 at the half.

Mario Lopez - 4:23:30.  The Saved by the Bell/Pacific Blue/Extra (Extra) star surely made the ladies swoon out on course, not to mention our own Feldhausens had a brief brush with the Bayside beefcake on Monday morning, but he showed us all that his muscles, dimples, and former mullet were just that - for show!  What he really could have used was some help from Zack.  Remember that episode where Zack was on the track team, and they really wanted to beat Valley, and Zack was their best hope, running the mile, but he had a report due for a class with that cougar-ish teacher, and she wasn't going to let him compete unless he really did it, and so he went and talked to some Native American guy, and then he died, and Zack wasn't going to run, but then he appeared in Zack's dream, and then Zack woke up and was like "I have to run", and then he not only won the race and helped them beat Valley, but he did well on his report, and then he showed us all the thing that Chief Whateverhisnamewas gave him, and it said "Beat Valley"?  Because I do.

Mya - 6:59:39.  I thought the marathon had a 7 hour limit, maybe it's 8, but either way she was pushing that limit pretty hard!  This lovely R&B singer was running for the North Shore Animal League I think.  I can't imagine being out there that long, but it's cool that she did it.  And she's also fine. 

Edison Pena - DNF.  The Chilean miner who made headlines last year as he ran during his underground ordeal was a national and international hero at NYC 2010.  This year, he couldn't get it done, and had to drop out.  I'm not sure what the allure was, as apparently he's struggled this year with some personal issues, but I guess he really wanted to go back.  Kind of like Jack, in Lost, when he tries to crash again and get back to the Island.  SPOILER ALERT:  I still don't even really know what was going on.  Were they dead the whole time?  I just know that they were dead by the end.  And I wasted 6 years of my life.


fbg said...

Once a Lost watcher, always a Lost watcher.

Meg said...

Didn't Jared the Subway guy run it as well? Not that he qualifies as a celebrity...but then again neither should Mario Lopez.

RM said...

Jared Fogle ran it last year, actually beat Edison Pena. This year he was just in the commercials, no running for him.