Thursday, November 3, 2011

Inside the NYC Marathon

A few weeks ago, I reached out to a few of our NYC Marathon participants and asked them a couple of questions, ranging from training ideologies to goal times, and even asking how they got started running.  Well, I finally received the answers back and figured out the formatting to make it easier to view, so here they are!  Each person's name will link to a Google Doc with their responses.  I will clean them up at some point and archive them, but for now these are their RAW answers, written in their own words!

Brennan Feldhausen

Joel Gladfelter

Carly Page

Suzanne Hurst

Diane Heiser

Nina Hartman

Enjoy getting to learn a little more about each of these runners, and what makes them tick!  And don't forget to track them on race day, Sunday, November 6th!

(And if it anyone has trouble viewing, please let me know, a lot of times the stuff looks fine on my end because I am the administrator.  Additionally, if it looks like any of the links was meant for another person, let me know that!)


jared jaskot said...

These interviews are great. I particularly appreciated the different approaches to training, racing and mindset for this particular race that each person has. I wish you all the best of luck. Great work as always organizing Ryan.

Meg said...

I really enjoyed reading all these. I wish all of you the nest of luck!

Meg said...

Uh, best, that is.

pepperjackb said...

ooh. I want to do one.

Daniel said...

Good read! Despite interviewing runners with very different backgrounds, training, and goals, you can still see the similarities that drive all runners.

To everyone, good luck this weekend!

Emily Hurley said...

These are great! Good luck everyone!!

David Ploskonka said...

This is awesome. Thanks, Ryan. :)