Sunday, November 20, 2011

Big Start - Big Finish!!

UPDATE: The Ladies Get it Done!!!

Big start to our day with the Philly Marathon & Half Marathon going on today as well out in Arizona with the Ironman.  Here is a quick update:

CHRISSIE RAMSEY runs 1:14:57 to place 7th in the half and QUALIFIES for the OLYMPIC TRIALS!!  (USA!!!  [We got him!])

Alex Battaglino: 2:29:31 in the full.

Out in Arizona Alyssa & Ryan are out of the water.  Per Zero who is on-site Ryan came out in 1:01:30ish and Alyssa was out in 1:05:36.  Alyssa's coach (Hillary Biscay) tweeted that it appears to be a slow day in the water for all Age Groupers.  Onto the bike they go...

UPDATE: ALYSSA GODESKY has a huge PR and completes the Arizona Ironman in 10:45:41 finishing 2nd in the 25-29 Age Group and punches her ticket to Kona!!  According to Claire she moved into 2nd in the final mile of the 140.6 mile race.

Check out the tweets that many folks have provided throughout the day @BMoreRunning


Christy said...

Thanks Brennan!

RM said...

The accomplishments of these two ladies today is nothing short of amazing.