Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Dave Berdan Show

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UPDATED 10/18: another little video

I didn't watch the coverage on WBAL from the marathon, but all reports were that it was definitely the Dave Berdan Show.  Even after he was no longer in the lead, the announcers kept talking about "the teacher from Owings Mills".  Pretty cool.  It's not often that, in a race of this size and stature, a local is competing at that level. 

By stature, of course I am referring to the $25,000 winner's bounty.  That's a big chunk of change for any race, but particularly Baltimore.  I mean, think how many cases of Boh and dozens of crabs you could purchase with that? 

In terms of races, think about the big races: NYC, Chicago, Boston.  Those cities aren't necessarily hotbeds for elite activity, but even if a bunch of real quick folks live in those places, the nature of those events is almost always going to preclude them from having a shot at a win.  Your next tier races, which would be events like Philly, Los Angeles, Austin, just don't have the prize purses.  In fact, I'd have to look it up, but I would wager that Baltimore now has to be one of the bigger payout marathons in the country. 

The coolest part of the video is when Dave tosses his cup at a trash can - and it GOES IN!

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Daniel said...

I believe my cup into trash can average is about .150.