Sunday, October 9, 2011

Big Boy Legs

Spotted: Remus, walking 100m of the 6th water stop (mile 6.5) of Army Ten Miler today.  He did not have his big boy legs on.  He told me was going to run 56 something.  Went out in 29:40 and popped, walked.

Not spotted: Joel Brusewitz.  Thought he was supposed to be racing.

Absolutely PERFECT day, a true Indian Summer (sorry Arjun!).  Gorgeous day down in the District to watch Army Ten Miler.  Thanks to Alex Waldt for getting himself up before the sun to join me from College Park.  Here's a few preliminary results from today's action:

Chicago Marathon: Perfect conditions lead to men's and women's course records.  Moses Mosop put down a 14:29 5k at 30k to break his opponents.  His 30-45km split was faster than the first 15k of his 30km record run.  2:05:30ish for him.  Blahblavia Blahblahovich, the Russian, ran a 2:18:20 and wrecked her competitors.  She similarly threw down a 16:15 5k split from 30-35 and put 50 seconds into 2nd.  Ryan Hall runs 2:08:04.  But it's cool, he ran 3+ minutes faster at Boston, so obviously there's no way that the wind helped on that day.

Ed Aramayo runs a great "debut" marathon, almost even splitting a 2:36:45.  He said he felt good until about 20, and expects his pictures will come out great.  Disappointed that he wasn't under 2:36, but already had two beers by the 3:15 mark of the race.  Alex Viana was on course and said Ed looked good.  Ed also had to work through some early hamstring issues, but they abated and he went on without a problem.

Steamtown Marathon: Bob Harvey runs lifetime best 3:03:45.  Absolutely perfect day out, he said.  Felt good through 23, then couldn't hold on.  A little disappointed he couldn't get under 3, but this is a 6 minute PR for the Harv.  Not to mention, he had his bachelor party last weekend and is getting married next weekend, so he's been a busy guy!

B.A.A. Half Marathon: From Coach Amy [paraphrased] "Felt great through 11.  Wicked hill right after 11 and there just wasn't anything in me to race it.  Really quite ok with the situation - bets I've ever felt through 11 of a half.  I thought I could do 1:26, this course was crazy.  Was on pace for 1:27, ended up with a 1:29."  (She finished 19th with a 1:29:03.)

Alex Battaglino finished 13th.  Great position in a competitive field, on what sounds like not a terribly fast course (1:03:36 winner).  At 5 miles Alex was at 25:48, at 10 he was 53:10.  Finished at 1:11:21


Collin said...

Mosop was insane today. Anyone that can break a Wanjiru course record is pretty ridiculous; not only that, but he claimed to only be at 85%. Just nuts...

Dart said...

Great work everyone! Solid weekend results! Dang!

THE KRIS said...,0,6975516.story

cheese, how are you going to let her just one-up you like that?

JAR said...

2:10 at the Olympics (Hall's slowest) was also for 11th place, I think. That is not a bad marathon. He is consistent...consistently just outside of the top contenders.

I do see your point, but cut Hall some slack. No other American even tries to run with the leaders -- he was actually pushing the pace in Boston.