Saturday, October 1, 2011


A few things before I forget:

1. My friend Celeste's all-female relay team for Baltimore is down a member.  If any of our ladies would like to run, please get in touch with me.  There would be no expectation of running fast, you would literally be able to run 8 minute pace and that would be fine.

2. One of our runners is unable to run the Marine Corps Marathon and is interested in transferring his bib.  If you are interested in this race (Sunday October 30), again, let me know and I'll hook you up.

3. Falls Road 15k is Sunday, 7:30am at Druid Hill Park.  Ed is taking care of the timing this week as I will be home in NJ.  So far Zero has agreed to help and I believe Alyssa may be helping after she is done running the race, but another set of paws would be of great benefit to Ed.  If anyone can help, holler at him.  Meeting point is Safety City (up top, basically where the mile 1 mark is for Celtic Solstice).

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