Friday, September 16, 2011

In the Streets of Philadelphia

The stage is set for a great race on Sunday at the race formerly known as the Philly Distance Run.  A number of us are racing and looking to run fast times, which, given the conditions and the course, you won't be able to ask for more help.  The morning temperatures will be almost shockingly cool, so you might want to remember to pack gloves or arm warmers! 

A fast field of BAMFs will also be looking to run fast in hopes of qualifying for Olympic Trials.  I read a good article written by Adam Goucher who will be running his first race in two years and will be looking to qualify for what would be his first ever marathon.  Our own Dave Berdan will be out there, along with a host of GRC guys who will be running for glory.  A start list of some of the elite competitors has been released (my favorite is "C"arl Dusen, a graduate of Col"o"mbia University).

I'll shoot out some close to real time results via Twitter after the race.


RM said...

Also, who keeps googling Mike Mashner Ironman Louisville Picture? Obsessed much?

///MM said...

Probably my mom. She's trying to learn how to internet.

alyssa said...

hahahaha that is hilarious.

My parents are like the only people in the world who still use Juno as their email and web browser. So, I can see when my mom googles "alyssa godesky" 7 times a day only to ultimately end up at my blog because the Juno browser shows up separately to my stats page.

Meg said...

I just now googled it to see what all the fuss was about.

Good luck this weekend, errybody.

RM said...

Do any pictures show up? I haven't even looked for my IM pics yet. I'm sure they are MISERABLE.

Meg said...

I just went to There are actually two Ryan McGraths. The other one looks pretty sweet in a bikini.