Wednesday, September 21, 2011

free race entry and hotel accomodations!

hey guys and gals - so i definitely meant to post this last week when i decided, but then i got sick - so here goes

due to a number of reasons, i'm not going up to NY for the wineglass marathon that takes place on Sunday 10/2/11

i (obviously) have already registered and i have a pre-paid (non-refundable) hotel room close to the finish line

if anybody wants to gobble up a free race entry and place to stay - just lemme know - the hotel said i could transfer it, and i can arrange to have whomever pick up my packet and race for me



Carly said...

Meg McNew and I are going up to run and have a refundable room. Let me know if no one takes you up on this and we can certainly work something out so you aren't out the entire cost of the room too!

RM said...

People helping people...I love it!

scotty doesn't know said...

if you would like the room, gimme a buzz and i'll transfer it over to ya