Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Age of Aquarius

Today I embarked on a new journey.

I opened an account for the team on Twitter.

I will wholeheartedly admit that I stole, ganked, hijacked, thiefed, borrowed like the US borrows money, borrowed like the British did with the land now known as America, this idea from GRC's blog.  I think it has many great uses, such as organizing runs, sending out updates on runs and real-time race results.  My hope for this is that it will become another tool that will be not only fun to use, but resourceful. 

As I learn just exactly how to use it, and also how I hope to administer it, I will provide updates on what to expect.  Initially, I plan on setting up a widget on the right hand side of the blog that will provide feeds on anything that's posted, and I believe there should be a way to have things that are "tweeted at" us to show up on there as well.  Which means that if you are on Twitter, and you want to tweet at it, it should show up on the blog as well.

Additionally, you can obviously follow it on actual Twitter instead of on the blog.

And now, for the revealing of the name:


(Originally I wanted to do RunBaltimore, to align with the gmail address, but apparently it was TAKEN.  Dear @RunBaltimore, please give us your name). 

Anyway - if you are on the Twitter, please follow us!

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RM said...

Oh my worked!

Check out the Realtime Twitter Updates section!