Friday, August 19, 2011

Big Bank Roll

A little late with the weekend wrap up, so I'll do a Reader's Digest version:

Luray Triathlon - Team CYB was in full effect for our favorite summer destination race, as Pat, Zero, Alyssa, myself and two fresh faces, Ben and GRC's Andy "Chicken Tender Runner", made the trip with us.  The weekend was fun, highlighted by everyone doing pretty decent in the race, 4 of us seeing a bear, a treacherous journey to the cabin and a Sunday ride along Skyline Drive.  Alyssa was the day's big winner, finishing 2nd overall with a 14 minute improvement over her time last year.  She swam 2 minutes faster, rode an improbable 10 minutes faster and ran 2 minutes faster.  It was impressive.  GRC's Matias won the men's race by a country mile, Chicken Tender finished 7th.  Zero was just a few seconds back in 8th, and Pat, with a tough run, managed 9th.  Ben, in his second triathlon ever, had a great run (4th fastest, 36:50 10k) and overcame his swim deficit to finish 30th. 

River Valley Ranch 10k - word on the street is that Harvey won because he took the hard way - right through a thigh high stream crossing - while the guy who had been leading went longer to go over a bridge.  Great win for the Harv.  Terry Decker was 3rd.  For the women, Carly Page took the win, with Suzanne Hurst just 20 seconds back in 2nd.

BRRC 2 Person/10 Mile Relay - this one was all Ed and Alex.  They got hot from the gun, lapping most of the field many times over en route to a 47:56.  Alex averaged 4:44/mi while Ed averaged 4:51.  The track was 440yd so 4 laps equaled a full mile.  2nd place team went to Dusty and Tristram, who started out a bit more conservatively before getting anxious as they were yo-yoing with the likes of Louis' team (3rd).  TT and Dusty finished at 50:47.  Best place all-female team was Amy and Diane, in 57:54. 

Leesburg - Brennan took 8th in the 10k in 35:58, not thrilled with the time but not totally disappointed.  Joel Gladfelter, however, was a little disappointed with his race.  But he's also raced a lot this summer, and one subpar race is bound to happen.  For the women, Julia Webb nearly notched the victory, finishing 2nd in 37:31.  In the 20k, Meg McNew finished 7th in 1:25:43.

Other races included Tom Stott's 10th place at the Ben Moore Memorial Half Marathon in Annapolis and David Lee's 3:57:10 at the Steelhead 69.1 Biathlon (swim was canceled due to weather).  David picked up a slot to the 70.3 World Championships at Lake Las Vegas in September. 

Our Purple Drink Athlete of the Week went to Robert Harvey for his big win at River Valley Ranch!

Once BRRC Meet results are official, I'll post about them.

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