Wednesday, July 27, 2011

This Is My Moment

A quiet but strong showing of races this weekend, despite the worst conditions of the summer, including a podium sweep for the ladies at the Errbody Get Money 5k (a.k.a. Cricket 5k a.k.a Park Heights Community Alliance 5k) and a best ever finish for Mike Zero Mashner at the New Jersey State Triathlon...

The Cricket 5k is billed as the fastest 5k in Baltimore (I guess they aren't familiar with Shamrock) but apparently it's a flat out-and-back, and has money for top 3 overall and then into the age groups.  Megan DiGregorio said she felt pretty comfortable in her winning (18:51) effort, while Meg McNew finished just a few strides behind in 2nd (18:59).  Suzanne Hurst, absent from TNT since the end of May due to hamstring troubles, took 3rd in a great time for her - 19:58. 

Sunday was the New Jersey State Triathlon, where Mike Mashner, Alyssa Godesky, Tommy McLoughlin and myself were all competing.  With a water temp of 90 degrees and air temperature to match at 7:30am, we knew it was going to be a tough day.  After exiting the water in the very good non-wetsuit time of 23:16, Mike took off on his newly tricked out bike, and rode the 6th fastest time of the day, averaging 24.4mph - the fastest, by far, he's ever ridden.  With 2nd place all but locked up, he ran a solid just-over-40min 10k to reach the podium for the first time.  Tommy had one of the fastest swims of the day, and rode and ran well enough to finish 5th, but another drafting penalty relegated him to 8th overall.  Alyssa had pretty even splits across the board, and finished just off her Olympic distance best at 2:26:26 to finish 8th among the women. 

It was Mike who took home this week's Purple Drink Athlete of the Week honor.

Mike Zero, finishing 2nd, but appearing to raise his hands in victory salute

Good workout last night at the track, the weather was not too bad and everyone seemed to make it through okay.  The 2nd of the BRRC summer meets is tonight with the one mile race and 3200m on tap.  Making her racing debut will be Kayla Keller, who at just over one year old will become the youngest athlete we've ever had on the team.  She is entered in the 100m dash with a seed time of INFINITY. 


Dart said...

Nice work Zero!

Who else is going to the BRRC meet tonight? I assume I'll at least see OJ there...

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