Thursday, July 28, 2011

Saturday Run at Greenbelt

What: Long run at Greenbelt Park
When: Saturday morning, running by 7:30am
Where: Greenbelt, MD (approx 35min drive from Baltimore)
Who: Whoever reads this blog and feels like coming

One of my favorite places to run throughout college, Greenbelt Park offers a just-shy-of-6-mile loop on pretty easy trails (much easier than Patapsco).  We typically park in one of the church parking lots on Good Luck Rd, near the intersection of Kenilworth Avenue.  From there, it is about a half mile to get to the start of the trail, and then each loop is not quite 6 (5.7-5.9 is the reasonable estimate).  I'm planning on doing 3 loops, which should make for an 18+ mile run, possibly running a few extra minutes if I feel okay to do 19 or so. 

I am going to leave Baltimore probably around 6:45.  I know it's early, but it's supposed to be pretty warm again this weekend, and a few of us doing the run have things to do late morning back in Bmore. 

Obviously my pace for longer runs may be a bit slower than that of others, so nobody is under requirement to run with me, but I will probably be running a little over 7min pace and stopping briefly each lap for water/nutrition (salt, food). 

Assuming I have time, I will stop at the Bagel Place on Route 1 immediately following the run to grab a quick bagel before heading back up home.  If you are interested in joining you can respond in the comments or shoot me an email (

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THE KRIS said...

or, i'll be doing 2:15 at patapsco starting around 7am.