Sunday, June 5, 2011

Rock the Vote

The Issue:

Allegedly Gilman's facilities should be open again starting tomorrow, which means that we could resume working out there on Tuesdays.  However, after 3 weeks at the Hopkins/Loyola track on 33rd (that's 33rd), it seems as if a few people have taken a liking to the venue.  What we need to decide now is whether we should return to Gilman or just stick to H/L.  I've created a poll on the side, but if you feel strongly (one way or another) please feel free to comment below.  Your opinions will be taken into consideration and will be used to determine where we work out.


Positives: It's nice there; we get to warmup down the trail; it's the incumbent and it would be nice (if they did actually resurface it) to run on a new track.

Negatives: For those who have to take 83 to get there (almost everyone), traffic can be a killer; slightly farther away for most; summer lacrosse will be starting up and that means dodging high speed errant lax balls.


Positives: It's nice to have the jams playing; It's nice to have that awesome water thing; It doesn't seem any LESS convenient for most people to get to (selfishly it takes me like 11 easy minutes through the hood to get there, but others have been biking over too which is cool); It doesn't seem totally unsafe.

Negatives: It is in the hood and I still don't feel comfortable just leaving our stuff there and going for a run; warmup route isn't as sweet;

What does everyone else think?  I am actually okay with keeping it at Hopkins, although the habitualist in me likes and misses Gilman. 


RM said...


Brennan and Dusty ran by the track yesterday and said that it is most definitely not complete. So for this Tuesday there is no debate: we WILL be at Hopkins/Loyola Track (on 33rd)

RM said...

Update: Denise says track is resurfaced, just unlined, and that they are getting that done this week. It takes about a day and a half.

In the poll, there are 12 votes so far, with 7 saying Hopkins/Loyola and 5 saying Gilman. If you want your voice to be heard, post your opinions here!

Christy said...

What do we think about doing Hopkins/Loyola through the summer then switching back to Gilman when the days start to get shorter. Once it's starts getting dark by the end of practice Gilman might be better for warming up and cooling down as well as for those who show up for TNT and do a distance run.

RM said...

Chrissie, that is a great thought, I discussed that with Ed last night. I would prefer to not switch every month (one option I heard), and gilman is much nicer to do just a run at, and also has the path to use for workouts.

Additionally, I would still like to get to hollins for a hill workout, and possibly magic garden.

THE KRIS said...

magic garden. every week.

alyssa said...

Why is the beer mile course not an option?

Tristram Thomas said...

Isn't Gilman easier to get to? It seems like it's just off 83 whereas Hopkins/Loyola is way down 33rd st. I don't mind doing it for the summer, but yes, when days get dark again, I think we should switch back to Gilman.

RM said...

I mean it really depends on where you're coming from. From the east side of 83, it's definitely easier and quicker to get to Hopkins. 83 is just so fickle. If you're coming from the west side of 83, or points north, yeah it's obviously easier to get to Gilman. I also wouldn't say it's "all the way down 33rd" like it's real far, if you take 83 to the 28th Street exit, you can zoom right across. Or take Charles or any other northbound street straight to 33rd.

Other differences include our level of welcomeness - we are clearly much more welcome at Hopkins than we are at Gilman.

Like I said, I don't really care either way. I just want to stick with one because it would be confusing if we were switching, even if it was every month.