Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bike Lanes (NYC)

Apparently I fail at technology. Click on the post title to see the full screen of the video.


Dart said...

Love it how he rolls into the cop car! LMAO!! Thanks for the TGIF!

RM said...

1. That took some serious chutzpah and skillful stunt falling. A couple looked pretty painful. Particularly going INTO the open truck. Insane.

2. Brooklyn is stupid anyway. They have bike lanes adjacent to the curb, and then cars park a few feet out into the road. This is intended to reduce the likelihood of getting "doored", but really I feel like it channels you into an even more dangerous area.

3. Baltimore has tried to do this on Central Ave, but I think they may have taken it away already. Since NOBODY rides their bike on that street.

4. While humorous, it was a $50 fine and he went through a LOT of trouble to make this video it looks like. Typical New York wannabe filmmaker.

Andy G said...

Such a hater, Ryan. I meant that as a compliment.