Monday, May 23, 2011

Would you?

I saw this posted on a discussion forum somewhere else and thought it'd be interesting to hear your responses.

One million dollars, cash, tax free, right now. But you can never run again, ever. You can bike, swim, elliptical, racewalk, do cartwheels, whatever. But no running for the rest of your life.

Would you do it? If not for a million, what's your price?


RM said...

I'd probably do it for $183,000.

Or $0.

Particularly if it meant that my knee was no longer in seering pain all the time.

Big Pappa said...

I think RM and I have an unusual perspective on this. I might actually pay someone to take it away. I survived for close to 2 years without it and was relatively happy. Now that I am attemping a comeback I am miserable. Always in pain and wondering why the hell I do it.

Meg said...

It'd take way more than a million for me. $20 mil, maybe.

Christy said...

Not for anything.

Becky said...

what Chrissie said.

fbg said...

That's a pretty interesting question. I think $1mil would do it for me. That's a "game changer", as the kids say these days.