Sunday, May 1, 2011

In The Streets of Philadelphia

So after a miserably wet and cold ride this morning in Frederick, I return to my car to see a number of texts from everyone running at Broad Street and man, was I blown away:

Dave Berdan, who just two weeks ago said he wasn't racing Broad Street, ran a 31 second PR, finishing 7th overall in 49:20.  Said he came through in 24:20 (24:26) at the half, ran the entire way by himself.  Splits to come...

Garrett Ash ran 53:59 after coming through the half in 25:50.  I'm sure he'll be a little disappointed with the result, but that's still a great effort out there.

Chrissie Ramsey was like "it's Chrissie, bitch" as she went on a tear in the last 3 miles to finish in 56:54, demolishing her previous best/team record 59:11, set last year on a hot day at Broad Street.  According to eyewitness accounts, her booty looked fine.  Psyche, I don't know that for sure, but I bet it was - and Zero was 15yd behind her until 7, when she turned on her little afterburners, rolling the last two miles in 5:32/5:32.  Incredible.  6th place overall, 2nd American behind ZAP Fitness runner Esther Erb (56:34).

Mike Zero Mashner, who I believe attended the Mets-Phillies game yesterday and then watched the Flyers in a bar next to the stadium, and then was kept up until 4am by some hippie art festival, confirmed his Cherry Blossom performance by running a 58:13.  Through the half in 28:48, he worked to hold on and finished 95th overall.

Chris Benassi started off conservatively, splitting 5 in 30:06, before going on a negative split mission to finish in 59:23 (29:17 last 5).  Really awesome!

Nina Hartman also negative split, finishing in 1:07:41, so all in all it looks like a great day out there!  Conditions from the course suggested that it was between "perfect racing conditions" and "a little warm out there with the sun" - but a slight headwind and temps in the 60s made for good efforts for all.  Interesting to point out that the winning times were quite slow - 46:32 for the winner.  The year Kip ran 49:04 there I believe was the year the winner dropped the fastest 10 mile time on American soil in the super low 45 range.  That makes your performances even greater!


Tom and Patty Stott headed out to the "most beautiful marathon in the US", Big Sur, today.  Due to a section of road falling into the Pacific Ocean, the course had been rerouted to now be an out and back, and apparently that meant it was even more challenging than the old course.  Tom had gotten shut out of the marathon, but was able to sign up for the 21 miler (they have weird distance races all at the same time).  So he just ran the marathon instead.  While it won't count officially as a marathon, he improved upon last fall's marathon debut BIG TIME by running a 3:07:14.  Wife Patty ran the 10.6 miler and was under her goal of 1:45, which is terrific!

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RM said...

I need to write a pointed letter to the folks at Broad Street because this is ridiculous...

I thought entries were capped at 35,000, and the race sold out quite early this year (in just 2008 the race still had no cap, and you could sign up the day before).

There were just 25,000 finishers on Sunday, meaning well over a quarter of all the people that signed up just did not post. That's ridiculous.