Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pike's Peek on FIRE

Rockville, MD: A course record was set today as Julius Kogo of Chapel Hill narrowly misses breaking 28 minutes on the fastest course this side of the Mississippi.  14 runners in all broke the 30 minute barrier, including our own DAVE BERDAN, who ran a blazing 29:30 to finish 12th (12th...insane). 

From the mouth of Dave: "Surprised myself, probably could have run faster had I been more confident.  I was running 4:44-:46 and was worried I was going too slow.  Had a lot left.  Here are my splits: 4:51, 4:47, 4:46, 4:44, 4:47, 4:44, :50 (last 0.2)".  Absolutely terrifying splits.  He was 23:55 at 5 miles.  This also supplants his track time of 29:36 as his 10k PR.

Dustin Meeker was the opposite of what his last name might imply, as he tore into the net downhill course, aided by a frighteningly fast wind, and torched a 31:34 for 24th place.  He, like Dave, also negative split the run.  Old Man Berardi had an amazing day.  Not only did he run an incredible 34:43, but he came from at least 10 seconds back of Greg Cauller at mile 4 to beat him second.  The last time Kris Simms ran here, he ran a 35:59 and said he was working hard for it from the gun.  Today, a few years later, he comes in with new legs and new confidence, and rocked it to the tune of a 35:08.  Mike Zero Mashner, in what may actually be his first open 10k (he would likely know better than I), was right behind Kris, crossing the line in 35:13.  On the women's side, again a very fast race for the leaders, with 6 women under 33 minutes.  Big D, Denise Knickman, has run 37:58 here in 2009, but since she's been racing so well lately, the sky was the limit.  With great conditions, she averaged UNDER 6 minute pace, running a 37:01, for 17th place.  New Becky Parks also ran a huge PR, and won her age group, finishing 25th in 39:14.

Big ups to our Georgetown Running Company friends, who also fared well to quite well, putting a number of dudes under 32 minutes, and having some really fast ladies.

Enjoy those times, certainly the conditions may never be that dope again!

From what we are hearing, Boston Marathon tomorrow may also benefit from a sick tailwind, so be on the lookout for very quick times!  Big shout out to Seth, Dave P, Suzanne, Harvey, Carly, Meg McNeezy - all racing tomorrow. 

TONS of other racing, which I'll go into depth in the email but here are a few of the highlights:  OJ Keller is 2nd (again) at yesterday's Rumpus in Bumpass Triathlon under miserable conditions.  Miserable.  Fastest swim of the day, solid bike and only lost it on the run.  Alyssa Godesky sets a new Olympic Distance PR at 2:25:50, 3rd fastest bike of the day and 9th best run.

Victim's Fund Run 5k was yesterday in Patterson Park, and normally this is one of those races, because there is money, that random Moroccans will show up and cherrypick the victory.  Well, after running into Chris Nowakowski on Friday, he said he might do it, despite being out of shape - and wouldn't you know it, he wins!  16:26, very good time in there.  And quite significantly, Terry "Upper" Decker finishes 2nd in 18:17, a HUGE PR ( works) and picking up some dollar dollar bills.  Jared Jaskot takes 6th in 19:09.  Yesterday was also the Hopkins/Loyola Meet, where Chrissie wiped everyone up amidst atrocious conditions (17:09.52) and Meg D, in her 4th race of the week, ran 18:45.72.  Out in TN, Cheese ran the Moosic City Dairy Dash 5k, once again coming in 4th and missing out on the opportunity to win a year's supply of ice cream.  Kevin McGrath runs the Rutgers UNITE Half Marathon, only it became a 10 miler when massive flooding (a common occurrence in Piscataway) turned the park into a bayou. 

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