Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Strides of March

A great Tuesday.  The First Four (registered trademark) play tonight, and we get to go to a new Chipotle following the first official Tuesday Night Track session. 

Tomorrow, Ben and Kendra celebrate their respective birthdays.

Thursday, the real Tournament begins, and it's also St. Patrick's Day.

Friday Saturday is the Supermoon.

What a week.


///MM said...

FYI- The supermoon is on Saturday.

RM said...

Shoot really? I thought it was Friday. Oh well.

Meg said...

are you actually having the supermoon run thing on Saturday? I want to go.

RM said...

Yeah let's figure this Supermoon Run out. It's also the Easter moon. So it's like the SuperEasterMoon.

Seth said...

I think I'm in for one hour of supermoon running. Weather report is partly cloudy or partly supermoony depending on how you view your glass.