Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Brand New

On the right hand side of the blog you will notice, just below the picture of Winter's Bone actress, Jennifer Lawrence, two new spreadsheets (surprise!).  Because I am a huge dork, I have had these as WIPs for a while and been meaning to get them on here.  They aren't totally finished, but this data represents known, official times run since 1/1/2006.  One is just the all-time records for the complement of indoor, outdoor and road events, for the fairly common distances.  The other is a full top-ten list for each road distance.  They're pretty cool to look at if you're bored with the current content on the site.

Always trying to bring you something new,



Meg said...

very cool. except I think you left something out.

RM said...

1) What did I leave out?

2) Due to popular demand, the spreadsheet has now been updated to include men's indoor and outdoor track times. This weekend I will get to the women's outdoor times (800m, mile, 2mile, 5000m).

3) As Dave Ploskonka also asked about ultras, I may give them a sheet, but it would only be standard 50k, 50M, 100M probably. No weird distances.

RM said...

Alright so I took care of Meg McNew's results...

If you look through this and you believe I am wrong, feel free to send me an email with the race distance. Keep in mind, I do not count times run while in college, and only count times dating back to 2006.

Also, since people have joined the group at different times, it's real hard for me to go back in time to look up all sorts of race results, so generally results are from when you began running with us (sometimes I'll go back to the beginning of the year you started running with us).

RM said...

What did you do Friday night Ryan?

Well, since I am wracked with guilt for having things incorrect, I meticulously pored over spreadsheet after spreadsheet to make sure I was accurate.

It might still not be up to everyone's correct standards, but I got a lot done. Including adding women's outdoor events (800, mile, 2 mile, 5000) and men's road mile. I also updated the TWSS Records spreadsheet as a few were incorrect on there.