Wednesday, March 23, 2011

5000m Track Time Trial - Saturday @ UMBC

Since both Towson and Goucher have decided they would rather keep their meets full of slow college kids (Goucher, seriously? You're like an all-girls liberal arts college), the track guys are going to use Saturday for a 5000m time trial.  Here are the details:

UMBC Track (on UMBC's campus)
7:45 am start warming up
Run 12 1/2 laps as fast as you can

According to, the preliminary 8am forecast for Saturday is temps in the mid to upper 30s, with a 25% chance of precipitation.  Winds will be negligible. 

This is an OPEN event - anyone reading this blog (HCS, GRC, etc) are welcome to come out for the event.  The idea is to keep everyone on track for their spring racing season.  If you are interested you can contact me, or Tristram, who I will label point person on this one.  As long as there are more than 3 people, we can count it as an official race.  I've got numbers and pins, and although I won't be there, if someone wants to go (who is not running) and use the Time Machine, it can be officially timed, and we'll send the results to WRR for rankings.

On a side note, we had 27 people at the track last night.  It was pretty awesome.  13 of those people went to CVC afterwards.  And finally, if you plan on registering for the Westminster Main Street Mile (Wednesday, April 13, 7pm), do it soon.  Registration closes April 1 but I bet it fills up before then.  This is going to be an awesome event, I think we have at least 15 people going as of now.

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