Sunday, February 27, 2011

Unknown Japanese amateur runs 2:08, beats Felix Limo, Salim Kipsang, Yemane Tsegay

This is a really cool story. An unsponsored and almost unknown Japanese government worker ran a 2:08:37 at the Tokyo Marathon to finish 3rd and beat a bunch of top level Kenyan and Ethiopian runners who had received large appearance fees. The guy was in so much pain for the last few km that he was running with his eyes shut and almost missed a couple turns. Upon finishing, he passed out and had to be taken away in a wheelchair. Pretty inspiring run.


Collin said...

Also, his 5k and 10k PRs are 13:59 and 29:02, both of which predict a 2:14 marathon PR. 2:08:37 is a different world entirely, equivalent to a 27:55 10K. This must have been one of the most agonizingly painful runs of all time.

Collin said...

Check this video, about 30 seconds in, for his finish. This is the most ridiculous determination I've ever seen. I am inspired.