Monday, February 21, 2011

Heard It On the Radio

I have to say, this indoor season has been the most power packed season I've ever seen. I know, you're thinking "but RM, only 4 people competed indoors" - and you'd be right. But those 4 people (subtracting out-of-towners and prep schoolers) put together an insane season. When it's all said and done, I will do an actual Indoor Season Recap, but for now, the weekend's results will suffice.

Ed Aramayo ran up at the Princeton Invitational, competing in the Mile and the 3000m. He managed to take 2nd place in the mile in 4:21.81, shattering his previous best for the distance by 2 seconds and narrowly missing Tristram's team record (4:21.49). The 3000m was another Cheese solo show, winning by 11 seconds in 9:03.29.

Out at Kent State's Tune Up Meet, Dustin Meeker took on the 5000m. A grueling race indoors, even on the oversized track out there. He finished in a new 5k PR of 15:45.67, which amazingly only placed him 29th. That kind of time would win just about any road race around here. College. Anyway great race for Dusty, who earned his first Purple Drink Athlete of the Week for 2011 with the tremendous effort.

As you're also all now aware, registration has closed for this weekend's Club Challenge, as it has reached its capacity of 800 runners. The race is this coming Sunday precisely at 8am at Howard County Community College. You have to pick up your bib in the morning so get there early. For those who live in areas near one another, maybe reach out to one another for carpooling options. Let's have a good race out there, be smart about how you run. Remember, do what's best for the TEAM! Following the race we will be heading to Kisling's.

Tomorrow: if you're heading to the track, guess what - it's probably going to be iced over again! Ha, what a winter it's been. Be careful running out there.

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