Thursday, February 10, 2011

Club Challenge Course Run Sunday

I have heard ruminations of discontent regarding the suggested workout for Sunday (wave run, 1mi @ race pace followed by 1mi @ race pace + 1min, repeat). I will say that I personally don't care who does what, it was merely a suggestion from Alex B! I thought it was a good idea. However, the choice, as always, is up to the individual as far as what they'd like to get out of this course run. For those who haven't run the course since last year, it's a great chance to get to remember how fun it is. For those who did the first course run, it's a great chance to remember the roads that you're supposed to actually take.

What time are we going to meet?

Well, I don't have a strong desire to go tremendously early. That said, I also respect the fact that people have other things besides running to do on their Sunday, so how about a beautiful compromise:

8:30 we will meet at HCCC Phys Ed Bldg, and we will do (and actually do it this time) a warmup.

Since I anticipate lateness, the workout will start promptly at 9am. So just make sure you're there by then. Assuming about 75min to get through the run for everyone involved brings us to 10:15. Then we can cool down.

Following the run, since just about nobody was a fan of Bagel Bin, and it also reminded me to question why I left New Jersey, we can come up with an alternative - perhaps something more city-oriented, for breakfast.

Also have you signed up for Club Challenge? It's only two weeks away!


Seth said...

Haha, you make us sound like a bunch of brats!

My workout will be:

3 miles (6:25/mile, no rest)
6 x 800 (2:50, 1:30 rest)
3 miles (6:00/mile, no rest)
*times are in terms of effort

Alex's workout sounds like a good one, I just need more/slower volume being in marathon mode. Others are welcome to join.

RM said...

No one is a brat! I just realize people have different goals and therefore different workouts, and I'd rather see people come out to run the course than stay at home! Seth always does a good job at letting people know what he's doing.

The important thing is that everyone realizes that running out there will provide you with a great workout, even if you're just going for a run.