Thursday, January 13, 2011

Saturday Workout in Columbia

The deal:

7:45am: assemble in parking lot at Howard County Community College, do 2 mile warmup (not required)

8:10am: begin workout. Workout will consist of first two miles run at a normal pace, then 3x2 miles at race pace with 2min or so in between. We will finish running hard at mile 8, if you're feeling good you are welcome to run the last 2 miles hard as well back to the finish area.

9:30am: 2ish mile cooldown (again not required, I'd just like to try and keep my weekend long run around 14 for now as I have a half marathon in a few weeks).

Immediately following the run I plan on hitting the Bagel Bin (if I can find it) and then heading over to Stott's for the Olympics.

Directions: From everywhere, take 95 South to the exit for 175 west, towards Columbia Mall. Just prior to the mall, bear right to go onto Governor Warfield Parkway. I believe there is a gas station (maybe an Exxon) at another light, go right onto Little Patuxent Parkway. The school is on your left, and you make a left hand turn into the school - unfortunately I don't remember exactly until I'm there all the exact turns. I feel like you don't take the first entrance into the school (where the sign for the school is), but maybe the 2nd one. It's the Phys Ed building that you're looking for, and it's less than a quarter mile from the main road. You can call me if you run into trouble. Here is the link to the directions and stuff if you want to take a look:

I will be taking Cheese with me, and presumably Pat, but can take two others - who would also have to be willing to stay down in Columbia for the Olympics thing (at least two hours). Let me know if you'd like a ride, or at least to follow me down (not the Gin Blossom song).

Do not be intimidated by this workout! We're going to go back again next month and do something similar, and that will likely be longer and a little harder. This one is just to get our Club Challenge legs under us!


///MM said...

...and you might want to register already people.

At this point there are 80!!! striders signed up and 6 (six) FRR men. Weak. Even the BRRC has more people than we do.

Online Registration Statistics
Club Men Women
Annapolis Striders 7 6
Baltimore RRC 5 2
Cumberland Valley AC 0 0
DCRRC 10 5
Eastern Shore RC 0 0
Falls Road Running 6 0
Frederick Steeplechasers 6 3
Howard County Striders 50 30
Montgomery County RRC 34 27
Mountain MD Marathon 0 0
Prince George's RRC 2 5
Queen City Striders 0 0
Westminster RRC 10 1
Unattached 14 17

RM said...

Well thanks to the 6 that have signed up so far!

De said...

Maybe we are holding are cards and not showing them yet.

alyssa said...

we've gots our pa pa pa poker faces on!

Dart said...

We're gonna blindside those bitches when they're looking the other way

RM said...

nice, Jarf. Real nice.

scotty doesn't know said...

i'm referring to jarf as rex ryan from now on

RM said...

Holy crap this game of nicknameology is getting intense.

JV = Barf = Jarf = Rex Ryan

This is similar to the time I tried to call Brennan "cheese" and fortunately it didn't stick and now Cheese is "cheese".

Dart said...


Dart said...

Olympics were SICK MAB!!! That's Tom & Patty :) Congrats on #1, and many many more to come.