Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Everything I Do

I do it big ~ Wiz Khalifa

It was another seriously monster weekend for members of our little group. Obviously we all saw results of the RM Classic 5k (which now appears as an official result on www.runwashington.com/results.htm). A few of the competitors from Tuesday's RM Classic doubled up this week:

Dustin Meeker won the Downs Park 5M in Annapolis in 26:25. He won by a minute 20, but it's somewhat suspect because 2nd place was a 54 year old dude (27:49) whose fastest time I could find was a 37:04 10k from last year. Hmm. Not saying the course was short, as that is the kind of time I would expect from Dustin, just seems...suspect.

Seth Tibbitts took 9th at the Run Through the Grapevine 8k in the terrific time of 31:19. Looking back to 2006, when we had a huge posse there, Will Knox ran 31:15 and I ran 32:45. That's a p.i.m.p. time (I'm thinking of using p.i.m.p. to stand for pretty impressive). Denise Knickman, who ran a 16 second season best at RM Classic, ran 35:18 at Grapevine for 2nd place. Carly Page ran 36:44 for 5th.

Nina Hartman picked up a big W at the Rockville 10k, running a PR of 41:03. Andy Olson also ran a PR at 41:31.

Saturday was the Mountain Masochist 50M, Alyssa Godesky's return to ultra running races en route to HURT 100 in January. She finished 12th in 9:56:06.

And up at New York City, Lee DiPietro finished 109th among women, and 2nd in her age category, in 3:08:41. Another local friend, Wilson Komen, finished 27th overall in 2:27 and some change - a really great result.

This week's Purple Drink Athlete of the Week went to Denise Knickman, for her coming back to stomp some races this fall after a long layoff. She doubled this week with some season bests.

A special KC Masterpiece Award goes to Melissa Majumdar for her amazing dancing on back-to-back nights to celebrate her birthday this past weekend. Also worth noting that Justin Gerbereux is recovering well from his back surgery last week. We got smoothies on Friday.

We'll be at the track tonight, doing the Alex B-suggested workout of 800m on/200m jog for 8-10 reps. Chipotle to follow.

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