Friday, September 24, 2010

You Beat My Drum Hard

So I'm really late on getting the weekly recap posted on here, but you already read the email so you know what happened. Fortunately for me, the results are super easy to run through real quick:

Tim Parker ran a solid 1:22:33 at Chestertown Half Marathon to finish 3rd, while Dustin Meeker took home top honors at the Diane Geppi-Aikens Memorial 5k at Loyola. Also winning a race and setting an incredible PR was Julia Rudd at the Portland (OR) Race for the Cure. She broke 17 for the first time, running 16:44.

Philly Distance Run was a weird day, there weren't any beyond belief performances. Just a couple expected performances and then some that were good but left the athlete feeling blase about it. Ben ran well, particularly for not having run much in the last two weeks. Melissa also ran well, sticking to her plan of running marathon pace. On a deceptively warm and humid day, that was a lot harder than one might think. PRs were the result for Seth (by default, never ran a half) and Becky Parks (who was less than psyched), while Arjun ran about a minute faster than he did a few weeks ago and Kevin McGrath ran a bit slower than he was hoping for. Also out there was Lee DiPietro, who ran something like 6.5 minutes faster than she did last month, Rodney Taylor, who was chilling ahead of this weekend's Berlin Marathon, and Matt Castille, who ran well. The duo of Andy and Nina ran well too, with Andy actually finishing ahead of Nina, but in real time behind her which threw us all off!

But the Purple Drink Athlete of the Week honor was bestowed upon Pat McLoughlin for the first time in a year. He rocked the inaugural Syracuse 70.3 (half ironman) with one of the fastest swims of the day (27:55), a really solid bike split that showed the work he's put in, and one of the fastest runs of the day (1:25:33 or thereabouts). Overall he lowered his distance PR by many, many minutes, finished 47th overall and 7th in the highly competitive 25-29 AG. Way to crush butts!

We had a solid night at track this week, getting dark early but the weather was ideal, then it crept back up through tonight. Maybe it will be a bit cooler over the weekend.

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