Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Is This Real Life?

Is this really happening?

I don't watch YouTube videos all that often, but that little kid after the dentist is real funny.

I have to start the weekend results with Parks Half Marathon because I missed the results of my good friends Tom and Patty Stott! Tom was 83rd in 1:31:03 and Patty ran 2:07:38. And of course Dave Berdan returned to racing, finishing 5th in 1:11:18. According to Dave, the overnight rains had caused the path the race is run on to be a quagmire of leaves and puddles. He said he was running under 5min pace for the first 3 miles on the roads, and then got onto the trail and the race kind of went to shit. But he's feeling fit, and will be racing Baltimore Marathon next month.

Run to Remember seemed to be fairly status quo, Hollywood came back to racing, Matt Castille, then our ladies Megan D, Meg McNew and Lee DiPietro went 3-4-5.

Triathlon World Championships were in Hungary, so Spider stayed across the pond I think following last weekend's Duathlon World Championships. Bike was clearly short, but he had a good bike split and great run to finish 9th in the 35-39 AG and 100th overall.

And then of course there was Alyssa's 15 minute distance PR at Ironman Wisconsin. It's a tougher course than Louisville, and her swim was 13 minutes faster than last year, and her bike split was an amazing 16 minutes faster. Truly fantastic work. Onto the run, and in her words she felt like she may have missed critical hydrating on the bike, and by the run the sun was full on. Temp high was recorded around 78, so not tremendously hot, but when you've been out there for 7 hours already, it doesn't really matter - sun and warmth = hot. She ended up with a 4:18 marathon split, and an 11:36:26 race for 13th in her age group!

That was good enough to earn her this week's Purple Drink Athlete of the Week!

Last night at the track was tremendous, great weather, good crew, solid workout. As we briefly discussed, we'll plan on meeting through the month of October, and then from there depending on weather and attendance we'll see about going into November.

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