Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Just Cruisin'

As evidenced by yesterday's email, I was light on the results this weekend - but it wasn't my fault! Do races even post their results anymore?? Annapolis 10 Mile results had an error, Spirit of Columbus Half results still aren't up, the Ironman.com website was hacked...

But most of this has been resolved and so I have almost complete results, so I'll start with Annapolis as I missed the most of the people that ran (besides Nina and Alyssa):

Newcomer Tristram Thomas finished just outside the top 10 in 59:24, a very good time as he gets back into running. Former big-man Eric Benjamin was 32nd in 1:02:49, and Matt Castille aka McFly was 1:05:31. Tom Stewart ran 1:06:13, which is good as I believe he's still preparing for late September's Berlin Marathon. Ed Jablonski ran a 1:08:56 and little Kristina Nina Hartman was 11th F at 1:09:45. Tall Matt Augustin, good to see him racing, finished at 1:19:48 while Pete Mulligan ran 1:24:23. I figured Jan Cook would be racing, and he did, finishing in 1:26:58. And finally, Alyssa Godesky ran with her dad and they finished at 1:41:47.

At Hood to Coast, Dave Berardi's team (No Stopping Till the Van Passes) won the "mixed super masters division" - 50 and over, men and women. They went 24 hours and 1 minute. Meanwhile the coed corporate team of Brooks runners, including Will Knox and Rebecca duRivage-Jacobs, was 2nd.

Spider Sillery finished 3rd in the Chicago Triathlon (individual division, including pros and elite amateurs was 41st overall) at 2:07:40. His bike split was strong and he had the fastest run of the day for the individual competition - which was out of 3800 athletes. 36:38 for 10k. Pretty awesome job Spider!

While results STILL aren't up for Spirit of Columbus Half Marathon, Meg McNew ROCKED a 1:25:50. I'm pretty sure her previous best was the 1:31:06 from the spring, so that's a huge PR.

Over in Europe, Julia Rudd won her heat of the 1500m at a meet in Belgium, while fiance Alan Webb won the 1500m in 3:41, then came back later to run a 14:16 5000m.

And our final performance, and our Purple Drink Athlete of the Week, goes to Ben Winterroth's Ironman debut at Louisville. On the heels of a 1:04 swim, 5:10:10 bike and 4:04:56 marathon, he finished in 10:29:18 and was 76th overall. 11th in the 25-29 age group. Let me tell you all something - 5:10 on the bike there is insane. Especially for a dude who primarily trains indoors even during the summer as he doesn't like riding from the city, and put in only a handful of longer rides. STRONG. He was in 5th in the AG off the bike, so if he gets his run down a little, he'll be in contention for a Kona slot soon enough. The run is also great, considering he's never run a marathon and his longest run ever, 24 miles, was just 3 weeks ago. And apparently he wasn't swimming that much. So that's really, really awesome.

This weekend is Labor Day so there are some big events, such as VA Beach Rock n Roll Half. The Orioles are also in town, so games are aplenty.

Tonight at the track we are doing 20x400. I know. 20 of one thing is a lot. But it's a fun workout so it'll be cool.


RM said...

I added another blog today. This one belongs to Craig Segal. He's a super quick dude from the Jerz, ran 2:25 first time marathon in Philly 2008 (the year Will killed it too) and is looking to go sub 2:20 at Chicago this year. I haven't read it yet, but hopefully it will be sweet.

Also, you guys may not be able to see it as I am an administrator, but there is a new section in the blog editing area called "stats". I look at it tonight. Tracks page views for the day, week, month, year, etc. Also tells you which posts have been viewed most. And it tells you the sources of people clicking through.

Klim's blog provided us with 9 views today. GRC's provided us with 7. But my favorite...

A Google search of "maggie + vessey + hot" yielded us 5 views. Guess all those crazy tags and post titles helped out! Just real weird. I wonder if we googled some other things that have been talked about on our blog if they would show up...

alyssa said...

if you google alyssa godesky is a baller you'll get there...

i mean, someone has just, like, told me that before. probably how all my adoring fans find me.

alyssa said...

also if you google "ben ingram is a _____" google pops up our site and the word traitor. It's weird.

hahaha jjjjkkkkkkk