Monday, August 2, 2010

Everybody Poops

BRRC 10 mile/2 person relay

Cheese and Alex B ROCKED it. 2nd fastest time in the recorded history of the event at 49:12. Splits were (alex/cheese): 5:00/5:00, 4:54/5:00, 4:52/4:52, 4:52/4:52, 4:54/4:49.

Melissa and Arjun also killed it, notching 5th overall and first co-ed team. Their time of 54:12 equated to Melissa running between 5:32 and 5:39, and Arjun between 5:05 and 5:15 mostly.

Stasiowski, Doug the Ripper Ripley and Louis Foudos all also competed on various random teams.

Catoctin 50k

Barf's first attempt at an "ultra" - this 50k event turned into 35 miles for him after the course was altered (+2) and he got lost (+2). He still managed to finish 18th overall (out of 150) and went 6:24:24. He arrived from Charleston on Friday afternoon, to Dulles, and then had to drive back to Bmore. He left early Saturday for the race, did the race, and then had to fly back to Charleston on Sunday morning. All of this earned him this week's Purple Drink Athlete of the Week.

Cheese Challenge

Ed decided it had to be this day, so he and Arjun took on the Cheese Challenge. What is the Cheese Challenge? Run 5000 meters. Lift 5000 pounds of weight doing one type of lift. Consume 5000mL of non-water beverage. Consume 5000 calories of the same type of food. Run 5000 meters. All in 5 hours. I got there and they had just finished lifting and were starting on the food. I quickly watched as they went from smiling to expressions of death, which I captured on digital film. Ed's food of choice was originally Oatmeal Creme Pies, which Safeway was out of, so he had to go with Little Debbie Swiss Rolls. Bad choice, too much sugar. Arjun was eating 1.5 supreme pizzas from Mikie's. And they were drinking lowcal G2 Gatorades. They finally gave up the ghost and went for their 2nd run before finishing the food. They failed in the most grand of ways.

The track workout this week, as you are aware or should be, is going to be at Meadowood Regional Park, something like 16420 Falls Road or roundabouts. It's about 2 miles north of the running store, right at the intersection of Falls and Joppa. We'll still meet at 6:30, start workout at 7. We have a special guest coming, hint: he LOVES BBQ sauce. And we'll do a longer tempo type workout, 1mi-2mi-2mi-1mi. On the path or on the grass, whatever your flavor is.


Dart said...

Would have loved to try the Cheese Challenge. I'd like to go with a steak, but I think I'd have to eat 5-pounds of ribeye... ugh.

Is there a rematch planned?

Would have loved to see their faces... You putting the pics on FB?

RM said...

As of now there have been no talks about rematch, although there has been endless discussion of how they "should have done it". I'll try and get the pics on FB but FB has been real G about getting them on there so I haven't uploaded in a while.