Monday, June 21, 2010

Who wants to share a bed with me?

Sorry to get any one's hopes up with that slutty title, but I need to find out what my chances are of borrowing a queen size air mattress for the week. My in-laws are coming in from out of town and ours has a big hole in it. Hopefully, the ghetto-fabulous bike patch + 10 layers of duct tape will fix the problem all together and I won't need to borrow anything... but if it fails (as all too many of my MacGyver-wanna-be jobs do) it'd be clutch to know I could borrow one instead of buying a new one.

Even though my in-laws are from MS, I promise they aren't dirty, crazy or freaky so any bed loaner will get the goods back in mint condition. Let me know if anyone's feeling charitable or in need of some good karma.

(This is Mike P. by the way)


THE KRIS said...

if you'd like to trade up, i've got an air mattress with a small hole. it needs to be re-inflated once or twice a night, but who doesn't like waking up in the middle of the night because their ass is hitting the floor?

i trust that last sentence will keep you guys busy for a few days.

mgp said...

tempting, Kris, but I might hold out a bit longer for a non-asspounding option. saying that obviously implies that my attempt to patch ours was a total failure.

THE KRIS said...

seems like a good assumption. let me know when you've been reduced to asspounding.

Christy said...

I have a full size air mattress. Let me know if you're interested.