Thursday, May 27, 2010

Memorial Day Races

Normally I don't support many races other than our own, but this has been a staple of Baltimore for a long time now, and I'm afraid it's on the chopping block due to high cost of putting it on:

Sunday, May 30: MCVETs 5k/10k

Since they are run one-after-the-other, you can in theory do both, which is a great way to get in 9.3 miles of tempo running and possibly place high in the overall.

Also Sunday is a low-key, BRRC Patapsco Trail race, approximately 6 miles, from the trailhead where we normally meet. Couple dollars entry fee. Spider usually does this one.

Monday, May 31: Remembrance Run 5k

Melissa won this last year, but not sure if she's planning on going back to defend her title.


Meg said...

MCVETs is one of my favorite events. It's for such a good cause, and the veterans on the course are some of the nicest, most supportive volunteers I've ever seen in a road race.

Ben said...

And if you want to head out to a small town in VA for a mile race on memorial day - we've got the Loudon Street Mile. Winning time was 4:11 for guys and 4:53 for women last year. For the guys there were 9 at 4:40 or faster.

RM said...

Oh yeah! Ben are you running?

Ben said...

yep - the only thing I've done on the track for the last month are 150's - so, it should be interesting to say the least.

RM said...

150s? You'll be fine then. You're supposed to be fast in a mile!

Results from MCVETs are posted on the right hand side, really awesome results as usual!

That stinky Moroccan sat on Dave and outsprinted him at the end in the 5k, but Dave easily took the 10k. Cheese lowered his PR by over 20 seconds and earned his first dollars ever. Boof earned some money by taking 2nd in the 10k!