Friday, April 2, 2010

Race Help Saturday 4/17

Wire to Wire Timing has another event to time on Saturday the 17th. It's a lowkey 5k up at Druid Hill Park. The help of a few people would be most greatly appreciated for just a short time in the morning. I realize everyone has things going on - important racing and training - so don't feel bad or obligated if you CAN'T go. But if you can help out, that's great.

Saturday morning, probably about 8am until maybe 10, 10:30. I'll post more details as we get closer. If you want to respond, use the comments or send me an email.

The good news is that we have our own timing system this time around, so we don't have to beg, borrow or steal (or rent at an absurdly high price).


Ben said...

just checking to see if the comments are working on this or if it's jammed from so many people volunteering. Remember - I could get put in a retirement home soon and then the only way you'd be able to see me to visit a smelly retirement home. While requiring a little work - this is much better.

Dustin said...

I emailed Ryan. I'm in.

Eileen said...

I can help, if you still need more people.