Monday, April 19, 2010

And They're Off!

The 114th Boston Marathon is underway and all the best to all of our runners out there today! Names will go in the comments section and then results, as they become available, will be posted.


Andrew BEEF Jaffe went out with Ryan Hall and the leaders (psyche, but seriously hit 5k in 17:42). How on earth you held that pace is beyond me but awesome job, finishing 2:38:48 for 184th. Will Knox did NOT oversleep for this won, negative splitting en route to a 2:33:25/106th place finish. Not bad for spending 8 hours on your feet working the expo yesterday! Brennan was just chilling for this race and still ran an amazing 2:56:06. Dave Ploskonka ran 2:58:33 just a week after a 50 mile PR.

Some of the other finishers:

Conrad 3:15:49
Lisa Ievers 3:21:59
Scott Boylan 3:22:23
Boof 3:23:23
Meg McNew 3:23:45
Ruth Swedler 3:29:01
Christine Trzcinski 4:02:37
Julie Acker (funnyrunner) 4:08:28

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Julie Acker
Scott Boylan
lauren dennisuk
Brennan Feldhausen
Lisa Ievers
Andrew Jaffe
Will Knox
Conrad Laskowski
Pam Maldeis
Megan McNew
David Ploskonka
Jackie Truncellito
Christine Trzcinski
Jake Marren
Erin Feldhausen
Ruth Swedler