Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lucky Charms

Falls Road has not had great success in their last two events. First it was the 25 inches of snow that painted the ground as we ran Celtic Solstice, and today it was miserable rain and wind for the Pub Run. Not a sweet day. However there were about 150 brave souls out there running around and drinking so all was not lost. Boof and her bf Lewis (super fast) and her roomie showed up, as did Brita!

Quick update on 3 Days of Syllables or whatever Alyssa is racing...

After day one (50k) Alyssa sits in 2nd F for the stage race and finished 3rd F on the day. 5:59:35 was her time. Nobody broke 5 so it was a tough race.

After day two (50M) Alyssa is still in 2nd place for the stage race, but finished 4th OVERALL on the day - high attrition rate. Took nearly 11 hours to complete the stage, very hard. Winner of the stage was a girl in 9:27.

My bro inched ever so close to that sub 7:00 average, running the NYRR 8000m in Central Park today. 34:56 was his time, average pace was 7:01. So close!

And according to Jake's other team's site he ran Chambersburg Half and was 3rd.

Back later with another 3 Days update and race results for tomorrow!

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