Sunday, March 14, 2010

I Can Make Your Bed (Sham)ROCK

There is no word great enough to describe the performances today, so I'll have to make one up...


Seriously, I thought the course was short when I found out the times.

1. Dave Berdan, 14:28 **COURSE RECORD**
2. Jake Klim, 14:48 (PR)
3. Izzy Mehmedovic, 15:06
4. Patrick Murphy, 15:32
5. Ben Ingram, 15:42
8. Will Knox, 16:03 (earning himself this year's Brett Favre award)
15. Steve Levin, 16:22 (at 47 YEARS OLD)
26. Tom Stott, 16:51 (fastest since college)
29. Pat McLoughlin, 16:54
xx. Joel Brusewitz, 17:45

2. Diane Heiser, 18:38 (big PR)
4. Meg McNew, 19:13

Among the others were "Bad Ass Doug Allen" - I can't believe they let him race as that name. Beth Shepard ran 27:41. Blast from the past/former FRR employee Kristin del Balzo ran 21:50, and Patty Stott ran 23:26!

Really amazing, all around. The conditions seemed great and it was awesome to watch and snap some more photos. For the record, last year I was 14th place at 16:56, and 30th was Matt Stanford at 17:27. The fact that there were over 30 people under 17 this year is nuts.

In other racing news, Terence Baptiste finished 11th at the St. Malachi 5 miler in 28:52.

Denise and Jackie Truncellito headed down to the DC version of a Shamrock race (8k). Denise finished 10th in 32:08 with Jackie at 24th in 33:45.

At the Portland Shamrock Run (15k) it appears as if Julia Rudd escaped with the win in 57:13, for an average pace of 6:09/mi.

The crazy story of the day was when Alyssa's race was essentially canceled for today (the 3rd stage was approximately 20k). The reason the race was canceled was because a competitor got lost and did not make it to the finish last night. The other racers decided to help in the search effort, and while it was a really crazy story, he ended up being found 25 miles away from where he was. Just one wrong turn can lead to that!

I'll make a ruling on PDAW by tomorrow. Not really easy, so thanks again for another week of making it really hard.

That's what she said.


cheese said...

this was the only thing i cared about all day today, and i can't believe these results. awesome job everyone, especially with the weather

brennan said...

Great racing out there yesterday!!

Ben said...

thanks everybody for coming out there! I don't think i've had so many people yell my name so loudly for such a long time!

Berdan said...

ditto on what Ben said! you guys were loud! thanks.

Dustin said...

Great work, folks! I am sorry that I wasn't there to join in the yelling.

RM said...

To Ben: you DEFINITELY haven't had anybody screaming your name that loud in a long time. Wink wink.

To Berdan: You posted a comment!!!

To everyone else: Light St was amazingly echoey. It traveled so far and enhanced our voices. Great cheering job by Kris, MGP, Brennan, Melissa, Jen, Arjun and Monica, among others

scotty doesn't know said...

seriously, you guys were LOUD! it was uber helpful - thanks for the support!

...and i feel honored to receive a pdaw after so many baller performances