Tuesday, March 9, 2010

2009 WRR Runner Rankings

I'm up at the Store right now and flipping through the Runner Rankings. I'll get to the "real" ones in just a second, but I decided first to look at 35-39. I don't know why, something was just drawing me to it. Here's what I saw:

16. Simms, Kris ** 37 Baltimore, MD

Now what I'm not telling you is that all the other age categories rank 20 people, so it may have just been a matter of not having anyone else to rank, because Kris was the last runner ranked. But it was still sweet to vindicate Kris as a runner.


13. Kyle Smits
15. Kipchirchir Bitok
21. Dave Berdan

Our GRC friends Jake Klim (13th) and Pat Reaves (26th) also made the list. Old Man Berardi made it to 3rd on the 45-49 Men category. Ben was up there in the 70-74 category.


3. Christine Ramsey
14. Julia Rudd

Our Five Star Bi**h Chrissie up there in the top 3! And really she should have been higher but they only count your local races.

In 35-39 women we had Kristen Till (3rd) and Denise Knickman (5th with 17 age-group wins).

The incomparable Lee DiPietro once again topped the 50-54 category.

For a little weekend wrap-up if you didn't read the email, we had a few really great performances that I'd like to briefly highlight. Denise Knickman won her first race of the year, the Tim Kennard 10 Mile River Run out on the Eastern Shore. 1:06:15 was her time. Over two minutes faster than the previous weekend's Club Challenge.

Julia Rudd did the Red Lizard 5 Miler in Oregon, getting "rolled" by an Olympic Trials qualifier. Her time was 29:52 and she finished 3rd.

Chrissie, who a few years ago would have been super psyched with a 17:10 5k, was just pleased with her 17:10 3rd place finish at the Coogan's Salsa, Blues and Shamrocks 5k in New York. Winning time (overall) was 14:34 with about 7 or 8 guys going under 15. Crazy fast.

Barf ran the B&A Trail Half on Sunday and ran another really smart race. I'm really proud of how he's running lately and after this weekend I know he's going to set some PRs this year. 1:26:48 was his PR from this race, and he ran that EXACT time again! 27th place overall. Great job Joel!

But our Purple Drink Athlete of the Week goes to Terp Greg Jubb, who split 2:57 for 1200m in the Terps' school record-setting DMR over the weekend. The team ran 9:43 with splits of 2:57, :47, 1:50.8 and 4:05. Unbelievable.


Hollywood said...

When is the WRR going to publish the "Sexiest Men of the Baltimore/DC Running Community"? I guarantee that Kris won't get Susan Luccied to the bottom of THAT list!

RM said...

That was...

The gayest post ever.

It included the words:

"sexy men" + "kris" + "susan lucci"

alyssa said...

i love that you even made lucci into a verb. well done.