Monday, February 8, 2010

Pass the Guacamole

If anyone watched the commercials last night during the game, you'll understand the title.

Man, what an absurd amount of snowfall! I seriously thought it would not even snow. Now my car is stuck in the garage and I can't get it out.

A few race results but some other big news, so here we go!

Hawaiian Mile: Ryan Schmidt grabs the W in 4:46, besting his nearest competitor by 2 seconds in this road/track mile.

Sedona Half Marathon: Tough race, 1100' of elevation gain and seems like it's pretty cold there in the mornings. Tiny little Claire ran a 1:56:55.

Giving Birth: Donna popped out little Vivienne Simms after being in labor for a thousand hours.

Drinking and Running: Ben ran from Mt. Vernon at midnight on Friday to meet up with a few of us. He was already drunk and he came in soaking wet and blind. It was hilarious. Kendra = not amused.

Running in the Snow: I know more than a few of you did your best to get your runs in despite the conditions. That's pretty sweet. Some of us just went outside and walked around in sneakers and took pictures of stuff.

Purple Drink Athlete of the Week goes to R. Schmidt for his win and a great time in a road mile. That's one of the faster times we've seen for a mile in a while around here!

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