Monday, February 22, 2010

Do The Stanky Leg

I sent out a great email this morning so I hope you all read it. I know some of you prefer getting the Cliffs Notes version on the blog, so this week I'm motivated since we had more than one performance...

Great Aloha Run: Ryan Schmidt took part in this 8.15 mile run in Hawai'i, it looked both large in size and stacked in quality. He started off strong but had a small malfunction that turned into a large one, and as a result marched it in. We've all been there Ryno - or at least I have - so nothing to worry about. There's always another race. Unless you're me.

PVTC 5000m: Cynthia has now done 3 indoor races this season, which, as it comes to a close, will likely earn her Indoor Athlete of the Year. This time she was a little slower than a few weeks ago, but I also think her fast time was run at PG rather than TJ. TJ blows.

Run For Haiti 4M: My bro Kevin did this race in NYC's Central Park, if you've ever heard of it it's pretty big. Anyway, 28:26 for 4 miles represents the fastest average per mile he's ever raced at over any distance! This earned him the Purple Drink Athlete of the Week.

Springettsbury 15k: A late submission, one that I'll probably never see official results from because York Road Runners' website is about 5 years dated. Dave Berdan ran 49:13, which I would have to presume earned him the W. He said he was using it as a workout, and that 5:15s felt mad comfortable [sic]. Also very hilly, which bodes well for his race at CC this weekend. The time also means we have a new leader atop the TWSS All-Time Records for 15k! Dave's time was over a minute faster than a time Spider had recorded from many years ago.

Awesome job everyone, I'm glad to see the snow hasn't affected the performances too much - let's keep our fingers crossed that we all have great races this weekend! I'm also excited because it means we're heading into the springtime fun races.

By mid-week I'll have one last CLUB CHALLENGE post and then I'll end it. If you plan on racing, just make sure you sign up please so I can account for you. Also if you need a Falls Road singlet of some kind let me know via comment or email.

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Who signed up as Ted Tedson on the Club Challenge thing? I can't believe that there is someone whose name is this, and I certainly don't know who this person is.