Monday, February 15, 2010

Cupid's Chokehold

Falls Road employee Greg Jubb ran 1:52.11 for 800m indoors this weekend at the Armory up in NYC. He earned 6th place in the race and his time now puts him at 3rd best in Terps history. Awesome job Greg! For that matter, Terps middle and distance runners are doing quite well, with two kids under 4:10 in the mile, and a guy at 8:20 in the 3000m.

I would post pictures but many are Not Suitable For Just About Any Situation from the Cupid's Undie Run (held in DC this past weekend). Among our "competitors" were Alyssa (organizer), JK (birthday girl), Nina, Arjun, Melissa, Brennan, Dr. J and Zero. Tourists and residents alike were treated to about 200 people out running in their undergarments. Then everyone got tore up at the bar.

For her birthday and her running of 1.7 miles with a bad back, Jen Koshy is this week's Purple Drink Athlete of the Week.


1 comment:

RM said...

People on my Dead-To-Me List, for treasonous activities (running for other teams at Club Challenge):

1. Pam Maldeis

We haven't seen Pam in years, since Denise introduced her to us at TNT. She never responds to any emails and now she has the audacity to run for HoCo?


2. Megan McNew

This I expect and I would never actually consider her dead to me, but I will still give her grief for running for RASAC.


3. Dave Berardi

While he isn't signed up yet, and does in fact always run for HoCo, I still don't like it.