Thursday, January 7, 2010

What Ever Happend To...

i'll start by apologizing for posting this since it has nothing to do with running and last i checked this was a running blog, but i'm short on email addresses and too lazy to look them up.

(super-pregnant) donna and i are moving the weekend of jan 23-24, and could use some help. i won't try to guilt anyone into helping, as with the exception of arjun, i don't think i've help any of you move. that said, you'd all do me a huge favor and move one step farther from donna's "death list" if you could lend a hand.

weather permitting, i'm thinking saturday morning 9ish, but that could be adjusted to accommodate races/long runs.

i think this will be a fairly pain-free move as we don't have that much stuff, and i will have moved a good bit of it the week before. also on the up side, you get to see our awesome new house and eat free pizza and drink free beer/soda/whatever-you-request. and you'll make an old man happy. an old, fat(for a runner) man.

oh, and there shouldn't be quotation marks around "death list", it's an actual death list... don't be on it.


the k.


Casper said...

We are moving that weekend too! Who wants to come to Tampa and help us? I can promise there will be no snow.

alyssa said...

I'll come after my long run but will you make chili please?

Jen said...

Not sure how much lifting I'm capable of but if there is chili I'll be a great supervisor!

Hollywood said...

I have a lot of moving karma that needs to be reciprocated, ever since Elf and Kip helped me move a couple of years ago. Please shoot me a reminder text -- I'm available after 12:30 that day. (443-386-5308)

RM said...

OAK I'll be there.

I think I've helped almost everyone here move at some point. My favorite was Hollywood, who had some of the most challenging furniture to move of all time. The other was Mike Prada who tricked me.

Christy said...

Kris- I try not to leave my apartment during the winter, but I consider lending me your truck helping me move, so I'm willing to come out of hibernation for a few hours. I'll be there whenever/wherever you tell me to show up. I like coke and pineapple pizza.

Ryan- I want to hear about how you get tricked into helping someone move.

THE KRIS said...

thanks folk, i appreciate so many of you being willing to come out (that said, if anybody else can make it that would be great). tentatively, i'll say noon saturday the 23rd at the old house (2709 hampeden ave).

rm, i'm also wondering about the trick... since this is my last move ever, i guess i don't need it anymore but wouldn't mind hearing the story.

also, i'll have chili, pizza, coke, and whatever else i can think of.

RM said...

The trick:

Call up at 6:30pm in the summer and say "hey man, what are you doing right now?"

State that you moved today, and that you and wife moved everything but there were just one or two other pieces that wife had trouble moving up the stairs and ask if you wouldn't mind helping.

Upon agreement, say "cool, see you in a few"

Your friend arrives to a UHaul truck full of every piece of real furniture you own, including many, many heavy pieces. Proposed 5 minute move takes an hour or so.

Friend leaves, sweaty and tired, and you are fully moved in.

alyssa said...

Kris - by "whatever i can think of" did you mean beer?

THE KRIS said...