Monday, December 7, 2009

Xterra Trail Run World Championship at Kuoloa Ranch

We went over to the Xterra Trail Run World Championships today at Kuoloa Ranch. It was very cool to see. Unfortunately, we didn't see the winner cross the line but I was told he ran a 1:14, which is apparently crazy fast for this course. It is hill after hill for the entire half marathon course. I had a few friends run the half and several who ran the 10k.

I really wish we were able to see more of the course, but I was there with my family so it wouldn't have been too cool of me to run off and leave them behind. But the atmosphere was great at the finish line and it was very inspiring to see the effort everyone was putting in today. The only downside was the heat. They started the race at 9am, which I think was way too late for Hawaii. It was ridiculously hot when we got there just after 10am.

The people in the picture are some friends we have met here in Hawaii. Akiko on the left is fairly new to running and did the 10k, Chris in the middle took today off because he is racing the Honolulu Marathon next weekend (2:58 goal time) and Claire on the right won the women's 10k in 48:10. She's a 16:45 5k runner, so yeah, the course was that tough.

And isn't that the prettiest parking lot in the world? Ha.

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